• Glock & Load!

    by  • 12/02/2013 • General

    Some further progress on my thesis project for your viewing pleasure.

    This is Weapon for the main character, it’s a Glock 17 Gen 4. I picked this gun as the composite body gives it a bit of a futuristic look and feel which fits well with what i’m trying to achieve overall with the thesis, which is a near future feel.

    On to the model. Well, in a way it’s not the best place to start however this model’s been bugging me a bit as I started a base mesh for it over a month ago and found that I wasn’t getting on well modelling it in Maya. What I did over the last day and a half is start again from scratch and model it to this point purely in Zbrush. I used Dynamesh and the clipping brushes to make it. It’s only in 2 parts so far (the slide and the Body) but the next step would be to redo the mesh topology for it in something like Topogun or even Zbrush and then use that corrected topology as a base to create a final model on. The final model would probably be broken up into more pieces.

    Now, the reason I say this isn’t the best place to start is that in the overall scheme of things this isn’t one of the most important bits to be done. I was given some great advice when I did my midpoint review and that was that I was going to have a lot to do and I’ll need to pick my battles. What I’ve gone and done here is . . .

    1: Done some detailed work on a model that isn’t particularly important in the overall scheme of things.
    2: Done a bunch of detail on a model that was only intended to be sculpted to help with getting the overall shaping right.

    Anyway, it was fun and I’m pleased with the end result, lesson learned I guess. The next order of business is to work on the enforcers vehicle, I’m going to try and block out major parts for it this week including frame, suspension, drivetrain, engine & interior I can then split up my work to detail each section.