• More Core Overload

    by  • 17/02/2013 • General

    I’ve done a couple more things for the core overload project. First is a transformable wing, the compact mode allowing speed, at the expense of maneuverability and vice-versa when it’s extended. The next, which I still have to do the textures and high-res sculpt for is the Unstable Rift Wing, It releases and AOE shock wave when it’s hit, damaging and knocking back enemies. The work is fun and quite a challenge to make the models within the polygon budget assigned for each element.

    My current workflow is something like this

    Low-poly model in Maya -> UVMapping in Headus UVLayout -> Up-res and sculpt a high poly mesh in Zbrush ->
    decimate and export high-res back to Maya for normal map projection -> Paint textures in Mudbox ->
    Assemble final mesh and textures in Maya, Triangulate and clean up if required.

    The textures have a normal map, a diffuse, Ambient Occlusion and a specular map. I’ve used transparency maps sometimes too.