• Fun with Unity

    by  • 19/11/2013 • General

    So, I’ve been using unity to build mod parts for Kerbal Space Program, and while there’s a heap of parts I want to build, I got inspired to start making computer games. I think the last time I was making my own games i dabbled a bit in Torque 2D. After going through a simple tutorial on the unity site I decided to take all of saturday and make a game. It’s a scrolling space shooter, and, it’s not too far from being finished. below is the link for it

    The 1 Day Game BAD SPHEROIDS!

    It was quite fun, even the coding was slightly satisfying to complete. It could do with a couple of things to round it off, namely some powerups, such as +time, +rate of fire and +badguys, and also destruction of the player ship if you hit a bad spheroid as well as a highscore list. I’ve investigated the highscore thing and it’s difficult on the web, but the rest shouldn’t be too hard to do.