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    Textured and Ready for Animating

    by  • 05/10/2012 • General

    Well, here it is, the guppy flying vehicle textured and rigged ready for animating. I’ve included a screenshot of the animation controls 🙂    I ended up texturing it in Mudbox, mainly due to the fact I’m familiar with it already and there’s a few time constraints on me for this model. I think...

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    Texture Time

    by  • 02/10/2012 • General

      I’ve been starting to texture the “Guppy” Flying Vehicle so I can put it in a composition for my node based compositing class, as well as making a proper turnaround for my portfolio showreel. It’s been a pain so far, I’ve tried 4 different 3D painting programs, all with their pluses and minuses....

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