Nikki Lowmass, born in UK, performed in London, America, France, Greece, Dubai and now firmly established in Australia. For the most part Nikki has performed as a soloist with her 12 string guitar & vocals. However, she joined a few different bands including a pop band in London called the Barons, a folk band in Abu Dhabi called Strings & Things, an Egyptian cabaret band in Dubai called the Stars and a rock band in Dubai called The Baker Street Band - the latter consisting of Scottish & English players. She recorded her own album in Dubai with the Baker Street Band. Having arrived in Cairns with the idea of giving up music & opening a day care centre, her life took a completely different turn and she immediately began singing solo again 5 nights per week, was sent to Weipa as a soloist - which was a wonderful culture shock after the Hilton Hotel in Dubai. Then she met Vance & their music gelled - Barbary Coasters was formed ….The rest is About Us



Vance Fahey, born in Melbourne, started his musical career at his grandmother’s piano at age 3 - however, he progressed to drums and then guitar & bass guitar. He gained some very useful training playing bass for a full jazz orchestra. He then diversified again with a leaning towards country & country rock music. He backed Slim Dusty, Lee Conway, Bill & Boyd and Cash Backman. He was also part of the Moose Malone band, successful RCA recording artists who traveled throughout Australia promoting their album “House of Blue Lights”.He then formed a successful band of his own called the Jive Drivers who were frequently asked to be support act to many famous names. He ventured North in 1988 with the idea of giving up music and opening up a dive school…. But things took a different turn and he felt the urge to play music again, and by a chance meeting through an ad in a newspaper, the Barbary Coasters were formed…….The rest is About Us


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About Us

Formed on Melbourne Cup Day in 1988, based in Cairns, Barbary Coasters have become a very popular and well-respected duo in the Far North of Queensland. They brought out the first C D to be fully produced here in Cairns. They have performed at diverse venues from Concert stages, resorts, clubs, pubs, functions, carnivals, mining camps, festivals and rodeos. Their music is just as varied with backgrounds of folk & country, pop & rock, plus a tropical influence from their location. They attempt the impossible - to please everyone - but their audiences have consisted of many age groups and nationalities, and they have succeeded in entertaining them with music and Vance’s quirky sense of humour and Nikki’s patience with him! Nikki features lead vocals, Adamas 12 string guitar, Midi & Drum programming. Vance features Fender bass, vocals & harmony, Levinson Electric & Ovation acoustic/electric guitars.

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